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Joel Adamson

Hello All,

I am a biostatistician in Boston, and soon-to-be biology graduate student elsewhere. I'm using Gambit-C to build a population ecology/genetics simulation project that will be Free Software and Open Source. When the time is right (as soon as the program does something), I will invite Gambit users and Scheme Newbies (i.e. biologists) to join the project and help in its development.

I've been studying Scheme for around 18 months now. I started with Python, Perl et al and quickly discovered that Scheme offers "cognitive alignment" with my mathematical mind. I've tried many implementations and have found Gambit, idiosyncrasies and all, to offer the best solution for building an application.

Trashbird1240 13:28, 19 March 2008 (EDT), or Joel J. Adamson on gambit-users