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*[ comp.lang.scheme on Usenet]
*[ comp.lang.scheme on Usenet]
*The #scheme channel on [ Freenode IRC] (remember there's #gambit for Gambit in particular as well)
*The #gambit and #scheme channels on [ Freenode IRC]
==Other resources==
==Other resources==
*[ The 90 minutes Scheme to C compiler]
*[ The 90 minutes Scheme to C compiler]

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Scheme in a nutshell

  • Scheme is a dialect of the Lisp programming language developed in the 70s, that inherently supports functional programming but is easily multi-paradigm.
  • Scheme is one of the two most major Lisp dialects, the other one being Common Lisp.
  • Scheme provides very few primitives defined in its core (known as the "RnRS standard" where "n" is an integer) as the rest is defined in extensions or libraries.
  • Scheme can be used for any kind of software development and can be learned in a single day thanks to its minimalist yet powerful design.
  • High order programming and macros allow the developers using Scheme to write efficient and easily maintainable code, hence Scheme's label as the programming language of choice for many industries as well as academics.

Scheme is a solid way to state of the art software development.


  • The Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme here and more in particular here.

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