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Using Andre van Tonder's syntax-case & library system on Gambit

The latest tarball is available at:


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The darcs2 repository is available at

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The err5rs records implementation can be independently used for your projects. Just copy the files:



 * Can you add the declarations (declare (standard-binding)(extended-bindings)(block)) to the top of the file?  That would decrease the size of the .c file passed to gcc.
 *I've added what you asked in the latest version. 

I'm having trouble getting things installed. Could you please add a couple of paragraphs of user guide here? I followed the installation instructions (modifying my .gambcini); then I did gsc -i compile. At this point, everything got compiled and copied to my ~/.gambit/lib directory. I then went to that directory, and did gsc -i, followed by (load "r6rs"). No joy, it did not recognize the library or import special forms. Any suggestions? Thanks! (This is a very cool project, though, and I'm sure I'm just doing something dumb.) Oh yes: Gambit-C 4.4.1 on OS X Leopard.

Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed your message now. To answer your question. There is a function called (r6rs) which will load the base library for you. Then you can use the (program ...) special form. Also, when you use the repl it is still the gambit repl. You can't use import or library. I sometimes lurk on #gambit (I'm atsmyles) irc channel so if you see me we can work through it.