Programming language shootout: spectral norm

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This is a Gambit implementation of the spectral-norm benchmark of the Computer Language Benchmarks Game.

The program


;; The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
;; Derived by Bradley Lucier from the Ikarus variant
;; derived by Michael D. Adams from the MzScheme variant

(declare (standard-bindings)(extended-bindings)(block)(not safe))

;;; Stupid boiler-plate for formatting floating point value
(define (roundto digits n)
  (let* ([e (expt 10 digits)]
         [num (round (abs (* e (inexact->exact n))))]
         [str (number->string (remainder num e))])
     (if (negative? n) "-" "")
     (number->string (quotient num e))
     (make-string (- digits (string-length str)) #\0)

;; -------------------------------

(define (approximate n)
  (let ((u (make-f64vector n 1.0))
        (v (make-f64vector n 0.0)))
    (do ((i 0 (fx+ i 1)))
        ((fx= 10 i))
      (mulAtAv n u v)
      (mulAtAv n v u))
    (let loop ([i 0] [vBv 0.0] [vV 0.0])
      (if (fx< i n)
          (loop (fx+ i 1)
                (fl+ vBv (fl* (f64vector-ref u i) (f64vector-ref v i)))
                (fl+ vV (fl* (f64vector-ref v i) (f64vector-ref v i))))
          (flsqrt (fl/ vBv vV))))))

;; --------------

(define (A i j)
  (fl/ 1.0 (fixnum->flonum (fx+ (fx+ (fxquotient (fx* (fx+ i j) (fx+ (fx+ i j) 1)) 2) i) 1))))

;; --------------

(define (mulAv n v av)
  (do ((i 0 (fx+ i 1)))
      ((fx= n i))
    (f64vector-set! av i 0.0)
    (do ((j 0 (fx+ j 1)))
        ((fx= n j))
      (let ()
        (declare (inlining-limit 10000))
        (f64vector-set! av i (fl+ (f64vector-ref av i) (fl* (A i j) (f64vector-ref v j))))))))

;; --------------

(define (mulAtV n v atv)
  (do ((i 0 (fx+ i 1)))
      ((= n i))
    (f64vector-set! atv i 0.0)
    (do ((j 0 (fx+ j 1)))
        ((fx= n j))
      (let ()
        (declare (inlining-limit 10000))
        (f64vector-set! atv i (fl+ (f64vector-ref atv i) (fl* (A j i) (f64vector-ref v j))))))))

;; --------------

(define (mulAtAv n v atav) 
  (let ((u (make-f64vector n 0.0)))
    (mulAv n v u)
    (mulAtV n u atav)))

;; -------------------------------

(define (main . args)
  (let ((n (if (< (length args) 1)
               (string->number (car args)))))
    (display (roundto 9 (approximate n))) (newline)))

; -------------------------------


gsc spectral-norm


gsi spectral-norm 5500