Programming language shootout: nsieve

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This is a Gambit implementation of the nsieve benchmark of the Computer Language Benchmarks Game.

The program

;; $Id: nsieve.scm,v 1.3 2008/02/17 23:43:53 lucier Exp lucier $
;; The Great Computer Language Shootout
;; nsieve benchmark for The Computer Language Shootout
;; Written by Dima Dorfman, 2004
;; Converted to MzScheme by Brent Fulgham
;; Converted to Gambit by Bradley Lucier

(declare (standard-bindings)(extended-bindings)(block)(fixnum)(not safe))

(define (nsieve m)

  ;; vectors with #t or #f are too big to be allocated
  ;; on 32-bit machines for the size of arguments in the test
  (define (make-bvector n val)
    (make-u8vector n (if val 1 0)))
  (define (bvector-true? a i)
    (= (u8vector-ref a i) 1))
  (define (bvector-clear! a i)
    (u8vector-set! a i 0))
  (define (bvector-set! a i)
    (u8vector-set! a i 1))
  (let ((a (make-bvector m #t)))
    (let loop ((i 2)
	       (n 0))
      (if (< i m)
	  (if (bvector-true? a i)
	      (let clear ((j (+ i i)))
		(if (< j m)
		      (bvector-clear! a j)
		      (clear (+ j i)))
		    (loop (+ 1 i)
			  (+ 1 n))))
	      (loop (+ 1 i) n))

(define (test n)
  (define (string-pad s n)
    (string-append (make-string (- n (string-length s)) #\space)
  (let* ((m (* (expt 2 n) 10000))
	 (count (nsieve m)))
    (display (list "Primes up to "
		   (string-pad (number->string m) 8)
		   " "
		   (string-pad (number->string count) 8)

(define (main arg)
  (let ((n (string->number arg)))
    (if (not n)
	  (display "An integer is required") (newline) 2)
	  (if (>= n 0) (test n))
	  (if (>= n 1) (test (- n 1)))
	  (if (>= n 2) (test (- n 2)))


gsc nsieve


gsi nsieve 9