Programming language shootout: mandelbrot

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This is a Gambit implementation of the mandelbrot benchmark of the Computer Language Benchmarks Game.

The program


;; The Computer Language Benchmarks Game

;; Derived by Bradley Lucier from the Ikarus variant
;; derived by Michael D. Adams from the Chicken variant by Anthony Borla

(declare (standard-bindings)(extended-bindings)(block)(not safe))

(define-macro (when test . body)
  `(if ,test

;; -------------------------------

(define *limit-sqr* 4.0)

(define *iterations* 50)

;; -------------------------------

(define (mandelbrot iterations x frac2/n ci)
  (let ((cr (fl- (fl* (exact->inexact x) frac2/n) 1.5))
	(z (f64vector 0. 0.)))

    (define-macro (with-z . body)
      `(let ((zr (f64vector-ref z 0))
	     (zi (f64vector-ref z 1)))

    (define (zr-set! val)
      (f64vector-set! z 0 val))

    (define (zi-set! val)
      (f64vector-set! z 1 val))
    (let loop ((i 0))
      (cond ((fx> i iterations)
	      (fl> (fl+ (fl* zr zr)
			(fl* zi zi))
	      (zr-set! (fl+ (fl- (fl* zr zr)
				 (fl* zi zi))
	      (zi-set! (fl+ (fl* 2.0 zr zi)
	      (loop (fx+ 1 i))))))))

;; -------------------------------

(define (main arg)
  (let* ((n (string->number arg))
	 (frac2/n (/ 2.0 n))
	 (out (current-output-port)))
    (display "P4") (newline)
    (display n) (display " ") (display n) (newline)
    (let loop-y ((y 0))
      (when (< y n)
            (let ([ci (fl- (fl* (exact->inexact y) frac2/n) 1.0)])
              (let loop-x ((x 0) (bitnum 0) (byteacc 0))
                (if (< x n)
                    (let ([bitnum (fx+ 1 bitnum)]
                          [byteacc (fx+ (fxarithmetic-shift-left byteacc 1)
                                        (mandelbrot *iterations* x frac2/n ci))])
                       [(= bitnum 8)
                        (write-u8 byteacc out)
                        (loop-x (fx+ 1 x) 0 0)]
                       [else (loop-x (fx+ 1 x) bitnum byteacc)]))
                      (when (positive? bitnum)
                            (write-u8 (fxarithmetic-shift-left byteacc (- 8 (fxand n #x7)))
                      (loop-y (fx+ 1 y))))))))
    (force-output out)))

;; -------------------------------


gsc mandelbrot


gsi -:m10000 mandelbrot 3000 > output.pbm

Here I give it a 10MB minimum heap.