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People who want to contribute to Gambit development will need to learn something about how the Gambit-C runtime and compiler are organized. While we intend that source code documentation be included in the source itself (currently there is very little documentation), we intend that descriptions of program design or algorithms used in the runtime and compiler could be included here.

Namespace handling

See Namespaces.

Runtime Library

Memory Management

Phil Dawes has put together some notes on memory management.

Thread System

I/O System

Arithmetic implementation



The REPL has some fairly interesting functions and variables, especially for hackers.


    1. repl-location-relative
Should the REPL give relative or absolute pathnames. Note: When using emacs with gambit, it is useful to set it to #f, especially if you change the current-directory.


    1. cmd-x
where x is an repl command. Executes that command as if it was executed inside of the REPL. For instance ##cmd-b displays a backtrace.