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This (still empty) page describes the requirements to help rewriting parts of the installation procedure of Gambit in order to make it easier to install on various systems.


  • Have a standard process with portable defaults


  • Allow several versions of gambit to be installed concurrently on a single host
  • Avoid name clashes with other software (i.e. gsi/gsc is also default name of some ghostscript interpreters)
  • Do not mess up with host's hierachy



 ./configure && make && make install

installs in


and so on


 ./configure --prefix=/tmp/test --bindir=/bin --gsi=gambi-VERSION --gsc=gambc  && make && make install




  • Provide some subsidiary package with everything that is lacking from the original source code
    • List manipulation: filter, fold-left, etc
    • Generators: iota, etc
    • Sorts: list-sort, vector-sort, etc
    • Editors tools: gambit.el for emacs, and comparable plugins for vim, eclipse, etc
  • References: GHC's Prelude module provides a minimal yet reasonable set of features that we want...

Join the dream team

  • fetch the 4.2.8 source code (our reference for this refactoring)
  • with mercurial, join the task force's branch at the address *branch to be created somewhere*
  • hack, hack, hack
  • test installation
  • test *again*
  • submit patch
  • ???
  • Profit!