Gambit Scheme

Gambit integrates three decades of programming language research into a unique blend of speed, portability and power. Approach the compatibility and performance of C in one of the most elegant and expressive languages ever designed.

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  • Gambit is one of the fastest dynamic language implementations.
  • The compiler produces fast code by default. The code can be optimized further by omitting runtime checks.
  • A fast interpreter is included for interactive development.


  • Targets C, JavaScript, Python, and more.
  • Runs in web browsers and has run on Nintendo DS, routers, and FPGAs.
  • Gambit is mostly written in itself. The interpreter and debugger can run on almost any platform.


  • Millions of lightweight threads on a server.
  • Messaging with higher-order channels.
  • Erlang-like concurrency primitives with Scheme syntax.

About Gambit

First released in 1988, Gambit is the third-oldest Scheme implementation still in use. Gambit's compiler and runtime have continually served as a platform for university research on compiler techniques and concurrent systems, allowing them to be refined over the decades to tackle the complex goal of speed, portability and concurrency in a single system. The result is a practical language implementation that has not abandoned simplicity in the pursuit of performance. A simple design leads to a system that does not only look good in benchmarks but is also pleasant to use.