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Here are the most useful "make" targets:

make mostlyclean

Removes all the files that can be regenerated using standard tools (C compiler, TeX, etc). The C files generated by gsc, and the gsi and gsc executables are not removed.

make clean

Removes all the files that can be regenerated by a "make" (object files, C files generated by gsc, etc) except gsi and gsc. This is useful to bootstrap from the Scheme sources after gsc has been built with an initial "make".

make realclean

Like "make clean", but also removes gsi and gsc, and all the makefiles generated by the configure script.

make check

Checks that gsi and gsc pass some basic tests by running a few Scheme programs with gsi and gsc.

make examples

Runs the programs in the "examples" subdirectory.

make dist

Creates a compressed tar file of the system.

make doc

Builds the documentation.

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